Veganuary: Easy swaps you can make this month…

IT’S VEGANUARY and we are celebrating all things vegan! Since last Veganuary the world has changed so much… some good, some bad, but the exciting part is that so many of you have made the switch for a plant-based diet!

Whether your motive behind being vegan is a love for animals, the planet or your health, there is no doubt that eating more plant-based meals is a positive change.

Here are some easy swaps to make a change this Veganuary:


1. Swap dairy kefir for water kefir

Don’t miss out on the incredible probiotic benefits of kefir and switch the dairy-kefir to our refreshing water kefir.

Packed with gut-loving live cultures and very versatile, it is the most delicious and easiest swap you didn’t know you needed!


2. Swap milk for plant-based mylk

An easy first step is switching to plant-based mylk. Every glass swapped, accounts to 3 times less greenhouse gas emissions and 9 times less land consumed than cows milk.

Our plant mylk top picks:

Cashew for it’s creaminess

Almond for it’s versatility

– Oat for a frothy coffee


3. Swap processed for pure

Many vegans often turn to processed alternatives that are filled with chemicals and sweeteners. Cold-pressed juices are a great fridge filler to ensure that you reach for a pure and organic option.

Our juices are made from an abundance of organic leafy greens, root veggies and fresh fruit to give your body a boost of nutrients.

Good for you and for the planet.

Who will be joining us this year? If it feels like too much of a jump to do the whole month, why not try going vegan a few days a week!

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