The Green Team story

We are female founders, entrepreneurs and mothers who have taken inspiration from our families and friends to create unique, tasty and healthy drinks, that were previously unavailable in the market place and make them accessible to everyone to enjoy on a regular basis.

It all started back in 2012, with a whole lot of organic fruit and veg from the farmers market, a home juicer, and a passion for helping others feel their best through the power of plants and nutrition. It’s been a labour of love that started in our homes (we even moved in together at one point!) spending early mornings and late evenings washing, peeling and juicing, then testing all our products on family and friends to ensure we had the tastiest, healthiest drinks.

We have come a long way from our home business and now run a commercial kitchen, creating and fermenting our award-winning dairy-free water kefirs, innovative, tasty drinks and our newly launched range of vegan broths. It has always been paramount for us to create functional products – meaning every ingredient used has a place and a positive effect on your health. For us it is about creating a company with a purpose and helping you to find good health.

We are surrounded and supported by a small, yet brilliant team who have helped us grow nationwide and be at the forefront of innovation in the healthy food market… AND we’re only just getting started.

In health,

Our pure mantra

We believe that the food and drinks we nurture our body with have a powerful effect on your health, mood and ultimately your quality of life. We care about what you put in your body (and the way it tastes), which is why we ensure that every bottle we produce, is full of only the very best organic ingredients, plus a little bit of love for good measure.

Our ethos is simple, to help people live healthier lives by using what nature provides us in its most pure and organic form.

What makes us unique

Organic + GMO Free

We are certified by the Soil Association Organic body of approval, so you know our products are pesticide, gmo free and safe!


All our products are vegan


All our products have immune boosting and gut loving benefits


All our products are packaged in glass bottles, we don’t use plastic. We really care about the effect of our business on the environment.


We love creating new products to improve health and are proud some of our products are the first to ever launch in the UK.

No-Nonsense (But lots of Fun!)

We only add what is necessary for your health and well-being, NO nonsense!

Our story


Purearth is born


Expanded into a commercial kitchen + launched into retail


Created the UK’s first ever Water kefirs


Nourish Award Winners
(2 years in a row!)


Voted The Independent’s Best Cleanse + expanded internationally


Introduced CBD shots + ramped up production of our immune boosting drinks in the midst of a global pandemic.

Keep in touch and stay connected for the creation of even more immune boosting, gut loving, life changing drinks + more.

Stay connected

We want to hear from you, that is what makes us better – please get in touch here for a chinwag or to tell us what’s up.